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Juniper Hydrosol Benefits, Tips & How to Use

Juniper hydrosol is collected during steam distillation of juniper berries (Botanical name: Juniperus communis L.). The steam distillation process produces two extracts: juniper berry essential oil and juniper hydrosol. The aroma of juniper hydrosol is fresh, brisk, herbaceous and slightly sweet. Unless it's properly preserved, this hydrosol will quickly spoil so make sure to keep it refrigerated.

Here are some of the benefits:

1. Reduces Cellulite & Bloating Juniper berry is known as a powerful diuretic. It assists in drainage of excess fluids in the body. For cellulite and bloated body, take ½ tbsp. each of juniper hydrosol and cypress hydrosol daily.

2. Minimizes Oily Skin Juniper hydrosol is good for reducing excess oiliness on the skin. Find an oil-absorbing facial mask with juniper in the how to use section below.

3. Reduces Puffy Eyes Juniper can help reduce puffy eyes by promoting drainage of excess water stuck in the under-eye bags. It stimulation circulation of blood as well, rejuvenating the eyes.

4. Promotes proper circulation Juniper hydrosol promotes proper circulation of toxins and wastes from where they have accumulated in the body to elimination sites.

5. Detoxifies the Body Juniper hydrosol together with cypress hydrosol is one of the best hydrosols for detoxification and cleansing. It helps purge toxins and wastes from the body. You can use it internally and externally to achieve this effect.

» Cellulite Body Wrap In stainless-steel pot, warm up 1 cup of juniper hydrosol and 1 cup of cypress hydrosol. Once warm, remove from heat then add 1/2 cup of Epsom salts, 1 cup of bentonite clay and 3/4 cup of seaweed powder. Stir well to form a thick but easily spreadable mixture.

Now slather this on your body, excluding the chest area. Wrap your body reasonably tight with plastic wrap or cling film. Now lie down under a wool blanket for an hour and let the body wrap do its magic! It will make you sweat a lot which will make you lose extra inches off your waist line, reduce cellulite and excess weight.

» Oil-Absorbing Facial Mask In a small bowl, add 1 tsp of red rhassoul clay. Now add enough (1.5 tsp) of juniper hydrosol and 2 drops of sweet orange essential oil. Mix together to form a silky paste. Apply using a face mask applicator brush. Leave it on for 5 minutes then rinse off with tepid water.

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