There’s a serious problem with a lack of regulation and transparency in the health and beauty industry. A problem that has raised its head to lead so many of us down a path of ill effects and unexplainable symptoms. Apotheca Borealis was born out of my personal journey down this path and the journey back to regaining my health through discovery and transformation. 

In 2014 I had my saline breast implants replaced. The surgeon recommended cohesive gel implants with texturized shells because they were “safer”. This sounded like good advice.

Shortly after that replacement surgery, I began developing unexplained allergies ranging from hives all over my face and body to full blown anaphylaxis resulting in trips to the emergency room. I suspected that my implants were the cause. 

Through my own research I discovered that, a year after my surgery, there had been a factory recall of remaining stock as the result of contaminants found in my supposedly “safe” cohesive gel implants. The very factory these implants came from had failed two health and safety inspections. 

By this time I was living back in Canada and had started an organic airbrush tanning company. Having experienced intense skin sensitivity due to my toxic implants, I was cautious about what products to recommend to my clients for aftercare. 

Landing on direction for the skincare line, I wanted to create something that spoke to where I lived, and there was nothing more representative of Saskatoon than Saskatoon berries. Being extremely high in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, I knew that Saskatoon berries had all the makings of a superfood.

I began looking for Saskatoon berry essential oil and couldn’t find it. I looked for Saskatoon berry extract, and again, could not find it. I looked up Saskatoon berry use in skincare and it didn’t exist. That’s when I knew I was on to something. Something big, something unique, and something that inspired me to create and share my first Saskatoon Berry Serum. 

I began teaching myself how to take the berries and transfer them into a state that could be successfully added into my formulations. After reading several books about natural medicine, alchemy and folk method extractions, I was finally able to come up with a way to introduce Saskatoon Berries into skin care formulas. 

Shortly after clients began using my products, I started hearing updates that their complexions had noticeably changed within weeks. Feedback included brighter skin, smaller pores, and rosacea clearing up. People were having truly amazing results with my Saskatoon Berry Serum. That’s when I decided to focus 100% on the Apotheca Borealis skin care line. That was two years ago this November (2019). 

There are so many unnecessary chemicals and ingredients in most products and we have no idea how much damage it’s doing to our systems. Compounded with the effects of environmental pollution, it is now more important than ever to address these issues in the healthiest, most natural ways possible. From the transparency on our product labels, to our naturally unique approach in skincare, Apotheca Borealis is committed to bringing you that something special to help you on your skincare quest.

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