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Apotheca Borealis on Global News + a DIY Rose Oil Recipe

So many exciting things have happened this month, which has kept me very busy so this blog post has been late to send. As I mentioned in my last post, Apotheca Borealis was in British Vogue's Fresh Faced Beauty section. As a result, there's been a lot more people discovering the amazing skin benefits of Saskatoon Berries and I couldn't be more thrilled! Last week I did a live to air interview on Global News' Morning Show, which had me waking up 10mins before going on camera because I forgot that Saskatchewan doesn't recognize Daylight Saving Time and I thought I had another hour before camera time... Despite a lack of caffeine, not brushing the back of my hair and a case of nerves, I think

Apotheca Borealis in British Vogue Spring Issue!

A couple weeks ago, I alluded to a "BIG ANNOUNCEMENT" coming up... HERE IT IS!!! Apotheca Borealis' Saskatoon Berry Serum with Lavender + Hyaluronic Acid is featured in the Spring Issue of British Vogue, which went on newsstands in the UK on February 1st. The magazine should be available overseas later this week. In the meantime, the digital version is available in the app store by downloading British Vogue. A lot of sacrifice and effort have gone into making my little skin care company viable and I wouldn't have got this far without your continued support so I thank you! Please use this code: THANKYOU25 to receive 25% off your next order of Saskatoon Berry Beauty Serum with Lavender + Hyal

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