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A Nod from the Universe & A Week in Hong Kong

Sometimes the universe gives you what you need instead of what you want. Case in point - I wanted a vacation where I could chill out, get warmth & sunlight and replenish my energy. Instead I got somewhat chilly & wet, fast paced and totally inspiring. A large dose of inspiration & to be reminded of how fun it is to travel solo while submersing myself in a new city was exactly what I needed. I’m so grateful that I can provide myself such opportunities like diverting my travel plans on the fly to Hong Kong when Thailand went all Pete Tong! Last week I was discovering local Thai beauty secrets. This week I've been discovering such Hong Kong beauty staples such as Birds Nest Extract, Silkworm Co

Greetings from Thailand & Drinking Your Skin Care!

I've been in Thailand for a couple weeks now. Most of that time has been spent on the island of Koh Samui - Bangkok is a little too cray cray for me, but Samui is an island paradise and a great place to recharge and submerse myself into the culture. One of my goals this trip is to discover new natural beauty remedies native to the country. Coconut and lemongrass are two of the most well known beauty ingredients that come to mind when I think of Thailand. However, this evening I came across something unfamiliar while at the market and I knew I had to investigate it further so I bought a bag of dried Butterfly Pea Flower Tea. What is Butterfly Tea? Used for centuries in Southeast Asia as a caf

Another Local Super Berry!

In my quest to feature boreal forest plant life in my formulations, I came across Black Current Seed Oil. Over the holidays I've been busy creating a new hydrating lotion formula that I plan to have available in time for the spring. I've been using this oil as a face care ingredient and the results have been promising - which is saying a lot considering the Polar Vortex we've been experiencing in Saskatchewan for this winter! Here's some info about what makes Black Currant Seed Oil a power player in the world of natural skin care. Cold-pressed Blackcurrant Seed Oil is rich in gamma linolenic acid (Omega 6 essential fatty acid) and stearidonic acid (Omega 3 essential fatty acid) which helps

Feeling Reflective & an Easy DIY Recipe

This week I'm writing my blog outdoors! No, I'm not crazy nor do I dig subjecting myself to freezing temperatures. I am in Los Angeles for a few days before going to Thailand for the next month. Even though Angelenos consider this rainy weather cold, I am absolutely loving sitting out here on my friend's patio, feeling the humidity, looking at the palm plants - I can even see a ripe lemon tree over the neighbors wall. I spent a decade living in Los Angeles so I get the subjectivity of what it means to feel cold. I remember throwing on a beanie whenever the temperature dipped below 65F /19C. Life sure is unpredictable. Back then I never would've guessed that I'd be back in Saskatchewan, makin

What's New in 2018!

Happy 2018 All! I've heard a lot of people say that they are not sad to see 2017 behind them. It's been a tough year for me personally. I've had to sacrifice a lot and learn patience on a level I've never known before. I've had to reevaluate what's necessary in life and learn the true value of a dollar. Looking back though, I know I made the right choices and I'm grateful to be where I am in this present moment. Also, I'd like to thank you for your support and interest in my latest venture - Apotheca Borealis, which I have no doubt will be my proudest success. I closed out a turbulent 2017 on a high note - my skin care line is now locally carried in store and online at: https://www.greentree

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